1. How and when did you decide to open your blog?

We started our blog 5 years ago as a tool for our clients back then. We started our business with a PR Agency and after the blog got bigger than we expected we decided put the main focus on it. Our projects are different than those of other bloggers as we are more editorial and kind of different.

  1. How did you get the idea and inspiration to team up?

It was a coincidence with a bit of luck. We had the agency together and the blog came naturally… So there was no plan. It just happened and it turned out fabulous.

  1. Within the blog who is in charge of what, and what is your favorite part of working together?

We both have our part and we know what we are good at, but somehow we do things together and we complete each other. We like to work together because it's nice to always have two opinions than one and there are no disagreements.

  1. Speaking of style, what is most recognized with each of yours style?

You tell us. We love to experiment and change styles… we get bored easily and we love to mix and match.

  1. You are known all over the world, what was your first international experience?

Paris Fashion Week, 5 years ago. That's when we realized that we have great potential in blogging.

  1. What is the most unforgettable collaboration you had with a certain brand or designer?

We loved the collaboration with Louis Vuitton and the Cosmopolitan cover experience but we have to say that all our collaborations are special. We must also mention that we loved to collaborate with the Vibe Israel project so so much, the team was amazing and we had an incredible time in Israel.


Photo: http://fabulousmuses.net

 7. Do you have any tips or recommendations for bloggers who have just started? What would be most important?

Come with something new, be unique find your own voice. Don't copy, don't do what all the others do.

  1. How do you find Israel's fashion and style industry?

It is nice, new and clean. Simple but with a twist, American but cool. We love it!

  1. After your visit to Tel-Aviv where are you heading next? Are there any places you dream to go to which you have never been before?

We are going home finally after a month of traveling, We would love to go to Asia for sure and L.A. But who knows what life will bring us next.

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